Please always right-click "refresh" to be sure that you are viewing the most updated pages! Assignments are worth 10 points unless otherwise noted.

HW #26

 CHOOSE and WRITE FOR HW ONE OF THE FOLLOWING:  Editorial. (100 points). Choose a position about your topic and follow the format to write an editorial. Imagine that you are a group of editors at your paper. No I, no byline, and proper execution of the form. 500 words  Profile. (100 points.) Highlight someone you met along the way that is related to your topic but isnít really perfect for the fit of the whole piece. Write a 600-1000 word profile. 500 words  News Story. (100 points) Using the Inverted Pyramid, find a NEWSWORTHY story that is related to your piece. 500 words

HW #25

Work on propaganda. HAnd in both ads at end of class.

HW #24

Feature Due at turnitin.

HW #23

Conduct your interviews and begin writing the final trends feature. Combine your research paper, survey results, survey qualitative responses, interesting feedback from your interviews, and your opinion( withouth using "I") into an interesting feature. You may opt to leave your subheadlines in to help you organize. Aim for short paragraphs and aim for one direct quote or statistic for each paragraph (roughly).

HW #22

Please write out all your interview questions and begin interviewing where possible. Remember, to receive full credit (100 points) for this part you must show me the questions and notes before and after interviewing. Remember: TWO authority sources and THREE students.

HW #21

Continue with Implications Analysis.

Also, please identify who you will need to interview for your trends story: you will need TWO AUTHORITY sources and THREE STUDENT interviews. These are not hte one liner quotes from your surveys. THese are lengther and meant to help elaborate on your trends. Once you know who will be interviewed, create meaningful questions for each. No more than 10 questions for each. You will ask and listen and take notes, please don't expect them to write.

HW #20

Please complete administering ALL your surveys and TALLY all the responses,a fter organizing your piles by either gender, age, or yes/no. Count and tally for all by next class. We will be writing the Implications Analysis next class.

HW #19

Please begin administering your surveys. The sooner you get them completed, the better as you will be able to use next class to tally rather than survey.
  • How to Conduct a Survey

    HW #18

    Please pick up your folder with your 80 surveys. You will find a folder with your name on it on my desk in the English office. Save 17 for your journalism class. Start getting the others filled out. Please read my memo carefully:
  • How to Conduct a Survey

    HW #17

    Complete your survey for HW and be sure you have saved it or emailed to school. Print a copy for the start of class. It is likely that you will have to revise 1-3 times, so please be prepared early!
  • The Survey Assignment

    HW #16

    Finish your research paper. Be sure your subtopics are clearly labeled. Organize your ideas into readble prose. Aim for short, concise paragraphs and one direct quote or statistic per paragraph. Cite within the paragraphs ("According to....") AND have an MLA alphabetically orgazined by author last name WORKS CITED page. Please submit to by next class.

    HW #15

    Having identified your FIVE or so research categories for your topic [such as Background/History, Statistics, Present Status, In the News, Pros, Cons, Prevalent opinons, etc.], find and READ at least FOUR articles/sources/sites that provde you information for these categories. Under each category, re-write and/or direct quote the research. Be sure to cite who provided you with EACH fact or opinion and create a WORKS CITED page using

    Next class you will smooth it out into readable prose.

    HW #14

    Finalize your Trends Topic. Write a paragraph proposal that defines the topic. Using the Internet, find out TEN facts about your topic. Write them down and use MLA citing to attribute your sources. (2 points for each fact + 2 points for each correctly formatted citation for each. See for a no-brainer easy A. Surf the Iternet and find MULTIPLE sites. Cross reference what you find among several sites to help ensure that your information is correct. Be sure to cite as you go! I will collect this at the START of class.
  • Final Project Trends Piece

    HW #13

    Finish Review 2. Layout.

    HW #12

    Complete the descriptive wirting about the meal you ate for next class. Food Critic Prelim (This version is slightly different than the one I gave in class but it's the same idea.]

    HW #11

    Use to reveal the truth about Stephen Glass. Find out 1. How was Stephen Glass characterized by the media when his fabrications were exposed in 1998? 2. What are journalists saying about him today? 3. What has Glass' own reaction been to the storm of controversy he stirred up? Be sure to CITE specifics and sources in your written responses. SYNTHESIZE the material into short paragraphs responses for each.

    HW #10

    Please select your MY TURN topis and complete the outline in the packet or adapt the outline to suit your piece. Even if you already have a college essay, map out the parts in outline form so we can add/subtract.

    HW # 9

    Please hand in all the PEER EDIT SHEETS from peer editing day. This is how your peers receive classwork credit.

    Don't forget about your weekly Magazine Outside Reading assignment. These are 20 points per week.

    We will begin a Personal Experience Feature Unit on Tuesday. Think about events, people, and/or values that are important to you.

    HW # 8

    PHOTOS: Please either email or bring in photos of yourself that will help your partner illustrate you for his/her profile about you. Remember that not all photos can be accessed from school (i.e., Facebook), so email them ahead of time.

    MAGAZINE: Bring in your outside reading magazine to use as a template for your layout. If you do not supply one, I will give you Time.

    REVISE: Use your peers' comments to revise your profiles one last time. Please submit a double spaced final draft with 1 peer edited version and all the peer edit sheets. This is how your peers get credit for their efforts, so please don't forget! The final, revised draft of your profile piece is due and needed at the start of class electronically (that means on the computer). You will need in MS Word (not saved in an email) to use for our layout.

    ****If you did not have your profile ready for class, please contact your classmate and peer edit. Copy and paste Peer Editing the Profile into a Word document, fill it out and send it back to the writer this evening with enough time so they may revise. All peer edits will be submitted by the Writer, not the editor, for credit.

    HW #7

    Please have the people in your life complete the questionaires your partner created and return them in class. These will be outside sources/quotes for the profile piece about you! yay!

    Please work on your profile piece. You should the bulk written out so I can offer you . Aim for concise paragraphs that include one quote. Include the otuside sources. Use interesting language!

    Don't forget about your weekly Magazine Outside Reading assignment. These are 20 points per week.

    HW #6

    Please create questionaires for your subject's "authority sources" (parents, coaches, siblings, friends, etc.). Three-five solid questions with space to answer. Neat, presentable, professional!

    Work on your profile piece. Be sure to have it emailed/flashdrive to work on in the lab next class. You should aim to have an outline and about a page written (minimum).

    HW #5

    You've met your partner, chatted, and found some interesting focal point. Please write TWENTY or more good questions that will help explore this glue further. Try to have the subject recount past experiences, find out his/her philosphy, impact, etc. No yes or no or banal questions. I will check that you completed these questions.

    Don't forget to submit your outside reading response by Monday! This should be your SECOND submission.

    HW #4

    If you haven't already completed this week's Magazine Outside Reading Response , DO IT NOW! Please submit your response to I will grade them weekly out of 10 points. Late submissions lose points daily. To receive full credit, be sure to use the questions as guidelines and write a full page single spaced and complete them for each Monday. DO NOT FALL BEHIND! Not only do you lose points, but it becomes overwhelming and tedious.

    Think about our first big assignment. What kinds of questions will you need to ask to get your glue? Write down 15-20 starter questions: Profile a Peer Assignment. I will check that you completed these questions.

    HW #3

    Complete the Find a Feature Assignment.

    Don't forget! Your Magazine Response Log is due every Monday on! DO NOT FALL BEHIND! Not only do you lose points, but it becomes overwhelming.

    HW #2

    Please write a news story about an event you witness firsthand (not on TV). It does not have to be "newsworthy" as we defined it (although it would be nice if it were, but it DOES have to be in inverted pyramid form used for hard news stories. Please be sure to follow the guidelines established in class. You will share your story in class.

    HW #1

    Please find a NEWS STORY that uses the INVERTED PYRAMID FORMAT we discussed in class. Print/clip it. On loose-leaf answer: 1. Cite two reasons you are convinced this is a news story in the inverted pyramid. Be specific and highlight the proof on the story itself. Please register at with our class. The class ID is 3795523 and the password is gokturk. Please email me at if you have any problems.

    Ms. G's Handouts and Useful Links

    Editorial and Op-Ed Stuff

  • Pre-writing for the Editorial
  • Editorial Checklist
  • How to Write an Editorial
  • Monfort Parking Lot Editorial
  • Baseball Editorial
  • Sept. 11 Editorial
  • Analyze Student Editorials
  • Editorial Worksheet
  • Schreiber Student Opinions 1 Newsday
  • Schreiber Student Opinions 2 Newsday
  • Schreiber Student Opinion 3 Newsday
  • Op-Ed Project
  • Peer Edit for the Personal Experience Feature
  • Peer Edit for Feature Story
  • Feature Checklist
  • Feature Rubric
  • Interview Asignment
  • Interview Video Questions
  • What is a Human Interest Story?
  • Is Coke It?
  • Analyze a Feature
  • Dissect a Feature!

    General Stuff

  • Journalism Course Description
  • About Absences
  • Lab Rubric
  • Pre-Course Media Perception Assignment
  • Editorial Positions
  • English Regents Archived Exams
  • Citing Styles (Journalists use CHICAGO STYLE)

    Headlines Stuff

  • Senior Class Paper

    Headline Stuff

  • Secret Formulas for Headlines
  • How to Write Headlines
  • Wrong Headlines
  • Writing Effective Headlines

    In-depth Report Stuff

  • In Depth/Trend Feature Timeline
  • Research Paper Assignment
  • In-Depth Textbook HW Assignment
  • In-Depth Feature Pre-research Assignment
  • In Depth/Trend Story Research Paper Assignment
  • Begin Your Shell
  • In Depth Intro
  • Proposal for In-Depth Expose
  • Intros Task for the Feature
  • In-Depth Project Assignment
  • In-Depth Research Paper Outline
  • In-Depth Research Intro Assignment
  • The In-Depth Assignment:Pre-writing
  • Student Sample Response: In-depth Report
  • Index Card Format
  • How to Make a Survey
  • How to Make Charts
  • The In-Depth Feature: Implications Phase
  • How to Make an Excel Chart
  • 48 Hours Worksheet
  • Peer Editing for the In-Depth Report
  • Pre-Writing for the In-Depth Project Editorial/Op-Ed
  • In-Depth Project Checklist & Due Dates
  • Expose Rubric
  • Final Project Rubric

    Journalism (General Concerns) Stuff

  • Hazelwood Decision Worksheet
  • Biased News Stories?
  • Bias Group Work
  • The Schreiber Times
  • Libel
  • Outside Reading Assignment
  • Students Go Online to Avoid Censorship
  • Early, early History/Major points
  • Influence of Britain on American Papers
  • Yellow Journalism
  • History of Printing
  • The Nineteenth Century Newspaper
  • History of the British Newspaper
  • "Public Journalism" Movement
  • Hazelwood Decision: No Freedom of the Press in High School
  • Libel and Slander: Definition and Consequences
  • And More Libel
  • History and Impact of the First Amendment
  • Muckraking
  • Impact of TV and Internet

    Letters to the Editor Stuff

  • Tips on Writing Letters to the Editor

    Literary Journalism Stuff

  • Literary Journalist Assignment
  • Truman Capote Profile Worksheet
  • In Cold Blood Homework Questions
  • In Cold Blood Vocabulary ICB Group Work for Part 4 & 5

    News Story Stuff

  • What Makes Something News Worthy?
  • Old News vs. New News
  • News Story Assignment #1
  • Chronological News Story?
  • Peer Edit Checklist for News Story
  • Organize News Story
  • Difference Between Hard News and Soft News
  • Different Types of News
  • Group Work: Credibility Lesson
  • Bias Group Activity
  • Biased Leads Worksheet
  • Creating News Leads
  • Create a Lead Using These Photos
  • Burning Dog Story
  • News Story Checklist
  • Peer Edit for the News Story
  • News Story Rubric

    Old Calendars

  • Old Calendars

    Outside Reading Stuff

  • Outside Reading Assignment
  • Reader Response Log Guidelines
  • How to Write a Book Review
  • Book Review Rubric
  • Business Letter Sample
  • Book Reading Guidelines

    PowerPoint Stuff

  • PowerPoint Assignment (Project #1)
  • Power Point Rubric
  • PowerPoint Presentation Guidelines
  • Reflection on Project

    Propaganda Stuff

  • Propaganda Devices
  • Propaganda for a Good Cause

    Reviews Stuff

  • Film Review
  • How to Write a Book Review
  • Play Review Checklist
  • Generic Review
  • Review Chocolate
  • Review Samples at New York Magazine
  • Washington Post Reviews
  • Food Critic Preliminary Research Assignment
  • How to Write Restaurant Review
  • Food Review Worksheet: Tia Pol
  • Food Critic Assignment
  • Peer Edit for the Food Review

    Web Site Stuff

  • Journalism Web Page Template
  • How to Post Your Work Online
  • HTML Tutorial
  • Collage Assignment
  • Internet Research Quiz
  • Go to Geocities
  • Flaming Text
  • An HTML Tutorial
  • Color Codes
  • Cool Retro Clipart
  • Dave's HTML Resource Center (backgrounds, graphics, buttons, etc.)
  • School Clip Art
  • Smileys
  • Good Clipart
  • Holiday Clipart
  • Discovery School Clip Art
  • Animated Clips
  • Style Sheet
  • Icon Bazaar
  • Clip art Searcher
  • Free Clipart
  • HTML Goodies (make your pages really cool)
  • DHTML Codes (like funky cursors)
  • HTML Help
  • Free Music For web Pages
  • Photo Clipart
  • Greek Backgrounds
  • Awesome Backgrounds
  • Photo and Image Search Engine
  • Buttons and Banners
  • Mediabuilder (animated text, etc.)
  • Clipart Gallery
  • Intro to Javascript

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