Ms. Gokturk



I Will Teach You American Journalismís History:

Project #1: The PowerPoint


Welcome, all you future Katie Courics and Dan Rathers! To be an educated journalist, you should know a little about how we got here. You will take ownership of the learning process by doing your own research and teaching your findings in Schreiberspeak to the rest of the class in a jazzy PowerPoint.


YOUR MISSION: You will work with a partner to unearth some aspect of the history of journalism. You may use the Internet sites provided as a starting point. Feel free to search elsewhere on the Internet for these things. Of course, books and other sources are also great sources! Try using the databases you may access from the PWPL.ORG site using your library card.



You will create a presentation on PowerPoint to introduce the rest of the class to an aspect of journalism with which you will become an expert. Your slideshow must:


        Provide a Title Slide, an Intro Slide, a Conclusion Slide, and a Bibliography Slide in addition to your content slides.

        Keep presentation to less than 5 minutes total.

        Use your own words. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE from a site. Synthesize the information in an interesting, original, and relevant way for your slide show.

        Include one graphic per slide. You should make your presentation as visually stimulating as possible by including clipart and graphics from the Internet. I will show you how to this magic. The graphic may be incorporated into the background.

        Include movement and/or sound to enhance the presentation. You should use your slideshow as an aid to help you present. Donít write out every single thing on your slides. You should bullet your information and SIMPLIFY. Lengthy paragraphs are B-O-R-I-N-G!

        Likewise, during your presentation, donít just read everything off your PowerPoint verbatim. Believe it or not, your audience knows how to read, too. Reading word for word will bore us to death: make it engaging! You will be graded on your speech presentation as well as the content.

        Cite all websites and/or books consulted:


Author. Title of item. [Online] Available http://address/filename, date of document or download.


        Cite all images on the photo itself or on the Bibliography slide. Follow Ms. Gís sample:


Description or title of image. [Online Image] Available http://address/filename, date of document or download.


        To receive an A or A+, you must provide a handout (cheat sheet) [19 copies]to the class that they can keep in their notes as an information source. It should resemble an outline, table/chart, or be organized in some other graphic manner that is easily accessed and understood. The handout should also provide details that your presentation introduced, as well as details you may not have been able to cover if they are interesting. In other words, include DETAILS of the knowledge you now possess; you are the teacher! [Try eyeballing the textbook where appropriate for major ideas.] DO NOT PRINT IN THE LAB!




Some general info:; Timeline: The links provided below are starting points, though by all means not all of it. Beware that as the Internet is fluid, the content of some sites changes, so read carefully to make sure the information matches your topic.


        Colonial American Newspapers (

        British Influence on American Papers (

        Yellow Journalism (

        History of Writing, Printing, and Communication (

        The Nineteenth Century Newspaper (

        History of the British Newspaper (

        Hazelwood Decision: No Freedom of the Press in High School [see textbook also]

        Libel and Slander: Definitions, Consequences, and Examples (

        History and Impact of the First Amendment & John Peter Zenger ( (

        Muckraking (Definition, examples, pros vs. cons) (

        Impact of TV and Internet on Society (

        Battlefield Journalism (How covering the war helped shape modern journalism + examples of war journalism throughout the times)

        Major American Newspaper Chains (History, Scandals, Triumphs, Evolution)

        Disaster & the Media (How the media covers disaster, its impact, etc. This is a topic that will require much of your own analysis)

        Other topic that is related to the history of journalism?



®      Pick a topic. OK it with Ms. G. First come first serve. (You may suggest another one)

®      Research your topic.

®      Save any images that you may encounter and could use for your PowerPoint in your Research on Schreiber 4 (V) ŗ Journalism Folder ŗ and then into your own folder with your name on it. We have allotted you a lot more space here to save stuff like images and your PowerPoint. PLEASE DO NOT NEGLECT TO DO THIS or you will lose files.

®      Remember: this is an introductory slideshow presentation, so it should cover the basics and explain them. You are not expected to present an encyclopedia!