Ms. Gokturk


The People of Literary Journalism

Todayís assignment: choose ONE literary journalist from the following list and use to research this person. Focus in on the personís accomplishments as a writer and their style.

Colonial America
Benjamin Franklin

Antebellum America
Margaret Fuller
Frederick Douglass
Walt Whitman
Rebecca Harding Davis

Postbellum America
Mark Twain
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Stephen Crane
Jack London
Upton Sinclair

Modern America
Ernest Hemingway
Willa Cather
John Dos Passos
Richard Wright
Eudora Welty
Truman Capote
Joan Didion
Tom Wolfe
Janet Cooke

For the journalist you chose, please find out about the following and be prepared to present your findings to the class next time we meet. You may put together a mini-PowerPoint if you wish, though you certainly can have an effective presentation with just an oral summary. You may work in pairs for this assignment.