Ms. Gokturk

Guidelines for Presenting a PowerPoint

  1. Introduce the topic to the class clearly and provide the basics. Use specific examples to illustrate your major points.
  2. Be well-prepared! Know your stuff.
  3. DO NOT just read off your presentation.
  4. Make presentation visually appealing. Suck us in to your world of knowldege!
  5. Do not mumble. SPEAK LOUDLY.
  6. Use graphics that help illustrate a point. Humor is good, but only to keep our attention. Use RELEVANT material!
  7. Avoid Clip Art whenever possible.
  8. Organize ideas into a logical order.
  9. Provide a handout that is no more than one page. Synthesize key ideas; make it a study aid.
  10. Refer to handout throughout presentation to enhance what you’re saying.