Ms. Gokturk


How to Panel Your Re-told  Myth

·         Use your homework to help you think through the  myth.  What did you include in your summary?  Examine your flowchart or family tree. 

·         How many boxes will  you need for a graphic “comic” of this story.  Should be LESS than 16…

·         What TYPE of creation myth is this?  How can you emphasize this in your retelling?

·         What is the beginning? What are the chronological events of the story?  Which are the most important?

·         What is the “conflict”? Do any of the gods or characters experience challenges? How would you represent this?

·         Who are the characters needed?  How would you describe/illustrate their personalities and/or jobs?

·         What elements of nature or human nature are represented?  At what point of the story is this evident?  How can you highlight this?

·         How can you create dialogue to make the story come to life?

·         How does the tale end?  What has been learned/created?