Ms. Gokturk


How to Re-Tell Your Creation Myth


·         Summarize your creation myth into active sentences. What is the beginning? What are the chronological events of the story? Which are the most important? How does the tale end? What has been learned/created?

·         Create a family tree/study chart of all the characters: nature, gods, humans, etc. How would you describe/illustrate their personalities and/or jobs?

·         What TYPE of creation myth is this? How can you emphasize this in your retelling?

·         What is the “conflict”? Do any of the gods or characters experience challenges? How would you represent this?

·         What are the etiological aspects of the story (beyond creation of the cosmos and key players)? What elements of nature or human nature are represented?

·         How can you create dialogue to make the story come to life?


Panel Your Story

Use your summary as the skeleton of your re-telling. Break it down into 16 or less parts.


Create dialogue for the characters under each part.


Use stick figures to map out the actions in each part.


How will make your creation memorable?