Valerie Gokturk

Creation Myth Unit Quiz

Wednesday, February 15th


Fifty questions @ 2 points each. Multiple choice, matching, and fill in.


You should know the details for the following creation myths


Be able to identify what type of creation as well as characters and etiological components.


Definition of Myth: from Greek “mythos” = “story” “speech” / Myth can be interpreted as a symbol or as a model


Myth must have:

1) storyline, plot; 2) story must break normal limits [typically gods + heroes experience things beyond human limits]


Cosmology = explains universe itself (cosmos = order, beauty, of cosmetics)

Cosmogonic Myth = genesis, how did the universe come to be?

Etiological Myth= explains why, how universe is & answers questions

Eschatological Myth = Myths that address the end, the last thing that happens i.e., the end of the world (underworld myths)

Succession Myth = Myths of successive generations; generally involves violent overthrow



1 Ex Nihilo

2 Creation from Chaos

3 Creation from Union – Parents

4 Emergence

5 Earth Diver


Know definitions and examples from our readings.