Ms. Gokturk


Trace Your Ancestors’ Creation Story


YOUR TASK:  Become very familiar with a creation myth from your family line.


Go to the Galenet site and find the creation myth from your ancestry. How do I do this?


Go to :

à select a school : Schreiber

à left column: Library Media Center

à left column: E-books

à Literature link

à Religion +

à Creation Myths of the World: An Encyclopedia

à E Table of Contents

à The Creation Myths


Please answer with detail.


  1. Read the myth over several times. Write a summary of it in your own words. You should be able to tell the class a summary with ease.
  2. Make a family chart/flowchart.  Be sure to get all the names!
  3. What type of creation myth is this? Please explain.
  4. Considering this as an etiological story, what “scientific truths” have been revealed? In other words, what truths about nature or humanity have been explained?
  5. Now do a little research online.  What can you learn about the people/history of this region?  Does the myth reveal aspects of the geography, culture, or history?  Please cite (MLA style) the outside articles you use.  If you do not know MLA, please use Remember, a citation is not just a URL.
  6. Can you find other versions of the myth?  Are there any differences?