Ms. Gokturk



Monday, June 12 8: 15 am


What Do You Need to Study?


Course Terms:

Cosmology Myth

Etiological Myth

Eschatological Myth

Succession Myth


Hieros Gamos

In medias res

Yonic & Phallic


Creation Myths

Creation Myths: Ex Nihilo, Emergence, Earth-Diver, Chaos, Union, Secretion

Chinese Creation

Egyptian Myth

Adam and Eve and Lilith

Greek Creation (Different Versions) & Creation of Man (Prometheus, Epimetheus, Pandora)


Greek Gods Intro


12 Olympian Gods

(Greek & Roman Names, symbols, notable stories)

Lesser Gods: Water, Earth, Roman, etc.

Phaeton and Helios

Pegasus and Bellerophon


Mythology Vocabulary (From Atlas to Zephyr)

Pay attention to places where we talked about WORDS (i.e., Atrophy from Atropos, Iris from Iridescent, etc.) Be able to ID the current definition and its mythological origin.


Greek Theater Terms

Review handout with definitions & structure (stichomythic dialogue, catharsis, tragic hero, hubris, dramatic irony, male, actors, masks, playwrights, etc.)


The Underworld

Parts of Hades

Demeter story

Eleusinian Mysteries

Dionysus story

Cybele and Attis

Orpheus & Eurydice

Isis & Osiris


The Tragedies:

Know characters and themes


The Bacchae



Be sure to know the not only the challenges and monsters but also the villains.

Jason and the Quest for the Golden Fleece

Perseus Adventures

Theseus Adventures



The Trojan War

Outline of the Events Leading Up to the War

The Trojan War (Who’s who and on what side…)

The Odyssey

Story of Polyphemus & Odysseus



Pyramus and Thisbe

Ceyx and Alcyone

Pygmalion and Galatea

Baucis and Philemon


Daphne and Apollo

Alpheus and Arethusa

Echo and Narcissus

Venus and Adonis

Cupid and Psyche


Fairy Tales

Fairy Tale Elements


“Hansel and Gretel”

“The Maiden without Hands”

“Little Red Riding Hood” versions

Otesanek “The Long Desired Child”

Little Otik (film)[Greedy Guts]


The exam will be 200 multiple choice questions, matching, T/F, & fill in. Short essay questions will be asked to cover the plays.