Mythology Final Project


YOUR TASK:  Choose a project option that will best illustrate your understanding and synthesis of the course. Your could either trace a THEME (bad parents, abuse of power) or GENRE (monsters, heroes, love) or focus on  a myth to re-tell (Orpheus and Eurydice, Cupid and Psyche). Your project should be polished and clever.


Myths We Read

Creation Myth Types


Old Testament


Greek Creation (Creation, Titans vs. Olympians, Olympian Gods)

Prometheus (Creation of Man, Punishment)

Lesser Gods / Earth Gods / Water Gods

Bellerophon and Pegasus


Dionysus – his birth, religion, descent to the underworld

The Bacchae

Demeter/Persephone/Hades story

Orpheus and Eurydice

Jason and Medea

Love Myths: Pyramus and Thisbe, Echo and Narcissus, Adonis and Aphrodite, Ceyx and Alcyone, Cupid and Psyche, Alpheus and Arethusa

Causes of the Trojan War

Trojan War / Impact

Odysseus’ great adventures





Assorted Fairytales (“Rumpelstiltskin,” “Madien without Hands,” Little Red Riding Hood,” “Hansel and Gretel,” “Ostensak,” Little Otik)




ü  Demonstrate a real understanding of a myth or myths. Your project must fit with the course material.  Your piece should be intelligent and illustrate/use themes/motifs from the course.

ü  The project includes a 500 + word single spaced Rationale that explains how/why you did what you did and how your project fits into this course.  It must include text based evidence from other literature we read, which means that you will use direct quotes AND paraphrases from the works we read.  This is written in essay form.  It is an essay. 

ü  All written parts of the project are submitted to pasted into one document.

ü  The project demonstrates an appropriate level of thought and effort. This means that it is well developed (quantity) and insightful (quality).

ü  The project is proofread and error-free. Given the amount of time and resources available at Schreiber (peer workshops, peer editing, Writing Center), there is no excuse for sloppy work.

ü  The project is presented to the class as always to reinforce prior learning.  


THE SHORT STORY           Write a short story that re-tells the myth/motif.  Write from the perspective of a character in the story or use third person.  Construct a complete story, use dialogue, imagery, and make the myth come alive.  The story should be single spaced, landscaped and be 3-4 pages long.


THE GREEK TRAGEDY    Using the conventions of the Greek Tragedy, turn a fairy tale or myth into a complete play.  Should follow the format of Euripides and use Aristotle’s elements. Please USE all of the terms on page 3 of the packet and footnote all. You should have a title, character list, stage directions. If you would like to work in a group for this option, you would create the script and film acting it out. Find a way to express all the lit elements on screen.


VIDEO. This can be a GROUP project. Make a film of a myth or have mythological characters from different stories interact, or… come up with an idea! Please be aware that the effort and time must reflect the number of group members. Make this good. Borrow a camera from the school, use props, have a purpose. (Ideas: movie, documentary, interview show with commercials, game show, reality show, etc.)


THE AMUSEMENT PARK  Design a park around a myth (Hercules, Golden Fleece, etc. )or a theme (monsters, love, etc.).  Design the park and create a brochure / key that explains each element.  You could either use posterboard OR create a commercial for your park digitally. Include: Rides (thrill, basic, water, kiddie), games / prizes, food courts / restaurants, paths /  landscaping / transportation, housing / lodging, parades / interactive characters, dinner theater / shows / musicals, shops / souvenirs, nightlife / music, movies / 3D, services / first aid / special needs, education centers / petting zoo … You may work with a partner for this option.


THE VISUAL NARRATIVE Using original photos or original artwork create a visual narrative with a narrated storyline.  This is still fiction writing.  It is not a PowerPoint.  In addition to your essay rationale for the project as a whole, explain what you did and why for each visual.


MUSIC The works we read may have moved you in some way.  Because you understand the power of music, compose original music that tells a story.  Your rationale essay will need to go beyond the 500 word requirement as you will need to dissect all parts of the music and connect each to the course material. Create a narrative in your Rationale for your listener to follow (as in Liner Notes).


THE RESEARCH PAPER Write a research paper on how to read myths through a Jungian lens (as in Karl Jung), a feminist reading, or a Freudian reading.  Your paper will be original writing that studies the myths you select. You will use MLA citations and include a properly formatted bibliography.  No rationale is needed with this option. Should be landscaped, two columns, single spaced, 4 pages.


THE CRITICAL ESSAY  Write a critical essay that develops an interesting thesis to serve as a base for analyzing a series of myths. You might, for example, examine how usurpation and male power appear in various myths. Or, how humans are cruelly treated by the gods in stories. Trace a pattern or find an interesting point of analysis. No rationale is needed with this option. Should be landscaped, two columns, single spaced, 4 pages.


NEWSPAPER Create a newspaper for the mythological world. Using a desk top publishing program, you will make your articles look like a major publication [you will choose a publication to emulate in presentation – this means you will need graphics!]. You may write about as many of the myths as you would like, but you must have 5 articles that are different: a news story, a review, an editorial, an investigative feature story, a personal opinion column, an editorial cartoon, a profile piece…


CHILDREN’S BOOK Write an illustrate a children’s book based on a myth, character/s or theme. If you want, you can order blank hardcover books online.


ART HISTORY You are a curator and create an exhibit around a theme / character/ myth. Create a slide show “brochure.” Include an overview. Be sure to have artist names, dates, medium clearly cited.


POETRY PORTFOLIO Write 10 songs/poems that analyze a myth (or several myths) from a thematic interpretation and/or varying points of view. For each song/poem, be sure to include a paragraph explication (minimum) that connects what you wrote to the myth/tale using specifics. The portfolio should resemble a literary journal, a magazine, or CD liner notes. Make sure there is a cover. Illustrations a must.