Ms. Gokturk


Hades Project 50 points


Select one of the following options to help you explore the Underworld.  You will present your project to the class.


OPTION 1. Creative Writing

To Hades and Back


Write a colorful first person account of your descent to Hades, through Hades and your return.  The narrator could be a celebrity or historical figure, a fictional character, or any likely character we’ve met so far. The way you narrate should reveal who you are. For example, what would Holden Caulfield sound like telling his tale?


Use the details of the Hades landscape. Try to reveal as many of the details as possible. Stay in the colorful voice you created. Your goal is to create a dominant impression based on your interpretation of the Underworld.


Incorporate not only the notes from our Walk Through Hades, but also find ways to include the Venus & Adonis story, the Orpheus and Eurydice story, Hades vocabulary, Cybele and Attis, and/or Demeter’s mourning.


Use the present tense or the past tense.  Whichever you choose, please be consistent.


Dialogue is nice but not required. Use sensory description so we feel, see, smell, and hear what it’s like in Hades.


Organize into paragraphs. 


600 words minimum. Submit to turnitin.


OPTION 2. Hades Art “Brochure”

Hades and its characters have been depicted in art throughout time. Your goal is select a theme or character analysis or some other cohesive point to pull together an “exhibit.” Your collection of artifacts must of course include the illustration as well explanation (see below).


Suggestions for Themes


For the Art Research, you must use the ARTstor Database.  Go to à Schreiber àLibrary Media Center à Schreiber Online Databases à ARTstoràEngter ARTstor Digital Library [if working from home, you will need the library log in info; get book mark up there]


First write an overview of your exhibition. This should be a well-developed paragraph that reveals the goal of your exhibition.. Then, you must find FIVE works of art (min) for your exhibition.


For each:  

1.       Name of the title of the work, the artist, date, location. You can find this information by clicking on the caption.

2.       Describe the TYPE of medium (vase painting, painting, engraving, stone relief, sculpture, etc.).

3.       Who or what is depicted in the piece? How is each figure depicted? Use descriptive language. Really examine the work. THESE ARE YOUR OWN WORDS. Remember that your art pieces should connect to your exhibit’s purpose.


Submit to turnitin