Ms. Gokturk



Art Exhibit: Hero Aspect

You have read about Perseus, Theseus, and Hercules. Their adventures and unusual lives have captured the imagination of artists since they came into our cultural narrative.  This assignment asks you to pull together an art exhibit representing ONE element/aspect of all three heroes.  Review your COLLECTOR sheets and study guide.  Identify one GLUE element to explore all three heroes.


You will pull together a slideshow “brochure” or “map” of your exhibit to present to the class as another way to study the heroes.


For the Art Research, you must use the ARTstor Database.  Go to ŕ Schreiber ŕLibrary Media Center ŕ Schreiber Online Databases ŕ ARTstorŕEngter ARTstor Digital Library. To save the images from this database, you will need to register your email with the site if you haven’t already.



·         Six pieces of art minimum to explore your theme. Be sure the art piece is large and visible on your slide. If you are working with a partner, it is six artwork s per person…

·         Name of the artist, date, location (origin and/or current). You can find this information by clicking on the caption.

·         Describe the TYPE of medium (vase painting, painting, engraving, stone relief, sculpture, etc.).

·         Who / what  is depicted in the piece? How is each figure depicted? Use descriptive language. Really examine the work. These are YOUR own words and ideas.

·         Polished and smart presentation. Don’t make it boring. 

·         Final Thoughts Slide: What is the take away with your presentation? What did you notice? Patterns? Or variety?