Ms. Gokturk



Classical Heroes in Art Brochure

(40 points)

You have read about Jason, Perseus, Theseus, and Hercules. Their adventures and usual lives have captured the imagination of artists since they came into our cultural narrative. This assignment asks you to find FOUR works of art and create an interesting brochure to following the hero (or heroes) on his journey. Your brochure will help your reader not only to understand the piece of art, but also how it represents an aspect of the Heros Journey.


For the Brochure, I recommend Using Microsoft Publisher. Go to Start MenuSearch Publisher Brochures (pick a template that works for you; save frequently!)


For the Art Research, you must use the ARTstor Database. Go to Schreiber Library Media Center Schreiber Online Databases ARTstorEngter ARTstor Digital Library


For your illustration for each piece of art, I find it is easier to Google Images and copy and paste or save and insert.


Please select Xerox Phaser (color printer) when printing final document.


Find FOUR works of art. For each:

1.       Name of the artist, date, location. You can find this information by clicking on the caption.

2.       Describe the TYPE of medium (vase painting, painting, engraving, stone relief, sculpture, etc.).

3.       Who is depicted in the piece? How is each figure depicted? Use descriptive language. Really examine the work.

4.       What scene is depicted in the piece? How is it depicted? Use descriptive language. Really examine the work.

5.       What part of the Heros Journey Archetype is revealed in this work of art? How is the emotional state of that aspect of the journey portrayed/handled?

6.       Google Images your work of art and copy and paste to fit on your document to illustrate.