Ms. Gokturk



Hero Project (50 points)


YOUR TASK:  Illustrate the hero you were assigned: Jason, Perseus, Theseus, Hercules, or Atalanta.


Design an Amusement Park:  Your job is create the layout of a theme park that will allow your visitors to “be a hero for a day.”  Your project will be the map and detailed brochure they will receive upon entering. Be sure that your brochure supports your map with clear summaries about their experience and how it relates to the myth.


Grading Criteria:


You will have two class periods to work in groups.  If you need more time, please meet outside of class.  


Suggested Pace:

Day One

--Work out big ideas; map out floor plan; plan brochure


Day One HW

--Divvy out tasks for group members to draw, write.  You may use images from Internet but all text must be original;


Day Two

--Put it all together!