Ms. Gokturk



Hero Unit Scavenger Hunt Study Aid:

Perseus, Theseus, Hercules, The Trojan War, & Odyssey

You may work in alone or in groups of 2 †for this task.† Reviewing all our materials for the Hero Unit, please answer the following questions quickly, clearly, and accurately. Answers should differ from one another. In other words, you canít keep naming the same bad or good guy.


  1. Identify TWO unusual childhoods with specifics.
  2. Find TWO bad women. Explain how they are bad.
  3. Find TWO good women.† Explain how they are good.
  4. Identify THREE characters that help a hero from three different stories.
  5. Find TWO gods who harm humans. How do they harm humans and why?
  6. Find TWO unfortunate characters.† Describe their misfortune.
  7. Name THREE important cities and explain their importance.
  8. Find TWO examples of true friendship from the stories.
  9. Find THREE characters you donít want to invite to your party and explain why.
  10. Find THREE characters you would invite to your party and explain why.
  11. Find THREE important artifacts from three different tales and explain why they are important.
  12. Find TWO examples of defiance or rebellion.
  13. Find TWO hybrid characters that have animal features and explain those features.
  14. Find TWO examples of hospitality in two different stories.
  15. Find THREE bad guys and explain how they are bad..