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Independent Film Assignment

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You have been assembled into groups with students who have independently viewed a movie that differs from yours.YOUR GOAL is to share, compare, and contrast all your films and present your findings to your other classmates in an interesting manner (for instance, skit, poster board, chalk and talk, comedic narrative, etc.).Donít assume everyone in the class has seen your film, so set up a basic summary for each film.


        First, each member should present his/her film (title, character names, basic plot) while the other members listen for patterns. At least one member should act as secretary and take down ideas as they are presented.

        What qualities does the hero possess that make him/her heroic?

        Does the character fit an ancient Greek hero definition? How, if at all, does he/she deviate from the Greek Hero definition?

        Using the HEROIC JOURNEY as a guideline, map out the heroís journey. Be sure to provide details which explain each part clearly.

        What role does outside intervention (supernatural, wised elder, witch, etc.) play in allowing the hero to be successful in his quest? Would the hero have been successful on his/her own?

        Analyze the type of villains/foes the hero encounters.



How do the films in your group differ?

How are they similar?

What is the purpose of this type of film?