Ms. Gokturk



What’s on the Midterm? April 8th, 2009



100 questions (multiple choice, true or false, matching)



This is a double grade, 200 points. This grade can make or break your marking period grade.


CONTENT: The mid-term covers everything and anything we covered during class – discussion, PowerPoint notes, readings, definitions…


Definitions of types of myths: succession, etiological, cosmological, etiological

Oedipus story & archetypes

Great mothers: Demeter & Persephone story, Cybele & Attis story, Isis & Osiris story

Creation stories– Theogeny, Adam and Eve/Genesis

Olympian Gods

Lesser Gods

Greek Theater terms

Hades Parts/Walk Through Hades handout

Dionysus myth

Prometheus, Epimetheus, & Pandora story

Jason and the Golden Fleece story

The Bacchae

Prometheus Bound


Aristotle’s definition of tragedy and tragic hero