Ms. Gokturk



Midterm Scavenger Hunt Study Aid


You may work in alone or in groups of 2-3 for this task.  Reviewing all our materials, please answer the following questions quickly, clearly, and accurately.  The first five teams to submit the completed scavenger hunt with carefully analyzed responses will receive a special prize. 


  1. Identify three Great Mother figures in the stories we read/discussed and explain how each fits this archetype.
  2. Find three myths that are succession stories and explain the succession in each.
  3. Find three examples of incest in the stories we read/discussed.
  4. Choose two dramatic terms (hubris, catharsis, hamartia, peripetieia, nemesis) and support how each appears in a story we read.
  5. Find three examples of defiance/rebellion in the stories we read. For each, A) explain who/what is being defied and B) what is the punishment and/or result of the defiance.
  6. Find three etiological aspects within three different stories we read/discussed and show what has been explained.
  7. Find three examples that illustrate how a woman’s presence punishes a man (or men).
  8. Find three stories that address the life-death cycle and show how each develops this cycle.
  9. Find three Olympian gods who have harmed humans and show what they did and why.
  10. Find three mythological characters that have animal features and explain those features.


Areas we covered:

Definitions of types of myths: succession, etiological, cosmological, eschatological

Oedipus story & archetypes

Great mothers: Demeter & Persephone story, Cybele & Attis story, Isis & Osiris story

Creation stories– Theogeny, Adam and Eve/Genesis

Olympian Gods

Lesser Gods

Greek Theater terms

Hades Parts/Walk Through Hades handout

Dionysus myth

Prometheus, Epimetheus, & Pandora story

Jason and the Golden Fleece story

The Bacchae

Prometheus Bound


Aristotle’s definition of tragedy and tragic hero