Ms. Gokturk



Texting: God and Goddess Style


The gods and goddesses of the stories we read may have experienced some of the same emotions (and emoticons) that we do when put into situations of distress, betrayal, longing and joy.  What if we stumbled ancient records of their “texting”? What would their personal conversations have looked like?


Use characters from Genesis (God, Adam, Eve), the Hebrew Myth of Lilith, the Egyptian Creation (Re/Ra, Atum, Tefnut, Shu, Ma’at, Isis, Osiris, Set, Nephtys, Horus, Hathor) and/or the Chinese Creation (P’an Ku, Nu-kua, Kung-kung, Chu-jung). The characters do NOT need to be from the same story. So, for example, Ra could text God, or P’an Ku may text Shu and Ma’at.


Find clever and interesting ways to incorporate (Direct or indirect) references to the relevant myth type and terms we have discussed already: cosmogonical, etiological, eschatological, ex nihilo, creation from chaos,  parent union/hieros gamos, secretion,


Create on your blank document a text discussion bubbles to write a dialogue that fills the entire “screen.” The conversation should reveal the characters’ mindset and particulars of the story or stories. You may have a private conversation between two or create a group conversation.  Again, you may use characters from different myths (for example, Ra may want to speak to P’an Ku or Isis needs Lilith’s advice). Your goal is to capture the emotional fabric of the character and his or her attempt to share and/or problem solve.


Emoticons/Emoji etc. may be adapted to suit your needs. After all, they are a type of hieroglyphic code J