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An Outline of the Trojan War

(adapted from The Center for Learning)


Read pages 185-200 (“The Heroes of the Trojan War”) and 201-210 (“The Fall of Troy”) in Edith Hamilton’s book to find out the important details of the famous Trojan War.  You should be able to identify the events of each point in the outline. FILL IN THE DETAILS!


  1. Causes of the War
    1. Apple of Discord


    1. Judgment of Paris


    1. Abduction of Helen


  1. Preparation for War
    1. Role of the Marriage Pact


    1. Ulysses’ Stratagem


    1. Achilles’ Hiding Place


    1. Sacrifice of Iphigenia


  1. Actual War
    1. Nine Years of Siege


    1. Quarrel between Achilles and Agamemnon


    1. Single Combat of Paris and Menelaus


    1. Patroclus’ Death in Achilles’ Armor


    1. Achilles’ Retaliation and Hector’s Death


    1. Achilles’ Death


  1. Fall of Troy
    1. Wooden Horse


    1. Capture and Death of Trojans


  1. After the War
    1. Ulysses Returns to Ithaca


    1. Aeneas Seeks a New Home