Ms. Gokturk



Creative Writing as a Study


Select a point of view from one of the following:


Demeter,  Dionysus, Persephone, Pan, Silenus, Sileni, a Satyr, an Oread or a Dyrad, Aeolus, a Wind, a Centaur, a Gorgon, a Graiae, a Siren, a Fate, Eros, Hebe, Iris, a Muse, a Grace, Themis, Dike, Nemesis, Phaeton, Helios, Pegasus or Bellerophon.


Write for the period from this character’s first person POV and tell “your story.”  Try to include as many references to as many other characters as is possible while still maintaining a narrative that makes sense. 


You should stay true to the character but you have creative license.  For example, perhaps you are Pan crashing ____’s party.  What would happen? Or, you are one of the Graiae who’s tired of sharing that eye.  What would happen?


Aim for one page single spaced.  Use dialogue and sensory imagery.  Be creative, be silly, and have fun.  The goal of this assignment is to commit as many of these characters to memory as possible.