HW #12

Please bring in your favorite children's books to use as the base story for a Greek Tragedy. Bring 2-3 titles just to have choice. If you don't have any childhood books available or you forgot, peruse Sur La Lune Fairy Tales Database and/or Story Nory and/or Grimm's Fairytales.... Select 2-3 to work with. Please print the fairy tales.

HW #11

Quiz on O'Connor's "My Oedipus Complex."

HW #10

Please select your essay topic and complete the thesis and outline. You may use the template I gave you or type your own.

HW #9

Quiz on chapters 10, 11 and 12 in The Catcher in the Rye.

HW #8

Quiz on chapters 7, 8 and 9 in The Catcher in the Rye.

HW #7

Quiz on chapters 4, 5, and 6 in The Catcher in the Rye.

HW #6

Quiz on chapters 1,2 and 3 in The Catcher in the Rye.

HW #5

Complete the "Harrison Bergeron" lit analysis sheet.

HW #4

Quiz on "Harrison Bergeron." Five questions, identify speaker and context of quotes. 25 points total. Three extra credit questions are vocab from the story.

HW #3

Watch the short film based on the short story. The Lottery (1969 film) [18 minutes]. Knowing the story now, watching the film comment on the following 2-4 sentences each: 1. Describe a scene that you felt was macabre in how it was set up. 2. What addition or omission impacted your impression of the film? 3. If you were a filmmaker retelling the story, what would you add or omit? Explain. To be handed in.

HW #2

Please finish reading and annotating the story from where we left off in class. Be prepared to share your annotations!

HW #1

Please read through the class guidelines. I will ask you to sign that you understood. Please feel free to ask me any questions! Also, register at turnitin: class id: 22221342 password: gokturk

If you were not in class or had technological problems,, please register at Remind [SECTION 15: text @msgoktu to 81010; SECTION 16: text @sophi6 to 81010].

Handouts and Links

General Stuff

  • America poems
  • PowerPoint Reflection
  • Journal Guidelines
  • Common Essay Errors
  • Critical Lens Outline
  • A Sample Student Critical Lens
  • Critical Lens Peer Edit Sheet
  • Quoting from a Poem or Play in Verse
  • Analyze Literary Elements
  • Why You Should Read Lord of the Flies


  • "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson
  • "The Lottery" 1969 short film
  • "The Hangman" (1964)
  • "Harrison Bergeron" by Kurt Vonnegut
  • Dead Poets Script
  • Asch Conformity Experiment
  • Jane Eliot Experiment
  • Dead Poets Screen Play
  • Dead Poet's Questions Day 1
  • Dead Poet's Questions Day 2


  • NAtional Theatre: An Introduction to Greek Theater
  • National Theatre: Intro (2)
  • Greek Theatre from Discovery Channel's Seven Wonders of Ancient Greece
  • Antigone Pre-Reading Project
  • Tragedy: The Basics
  • Antigone After the Play Worksheet
  • Antigone Play Breakdown Worksheet
  • Antigone Journal Answerer Prompts
  • Analyze Literary Elements in Antigone
  • Literary Terms Glossary
  • Peer Editing for the Critical Lens
  • Critical Lens Assignment: Antigone
  • Critical Lens Outline: Antigone
  • Paragrpah Sandwich

    Catcher in the Rye Stuff

  • CIR Vocabulary List
  • 1940s PowerPoint Assignment
  • How to Cite for the PowerPoint
  • PowerPoint Rubric
  • Character Sketch: Holden
  • Allie Mitt Project
  • Definition Essay of "Phony"
  • JD Salinger Biography
  • Salinger Interviews
  • More Salinger Bio
  • New York Times Reviews of Salinger
  • What's a Bildungsroman?
  • Online Resources
  • Study Guide
  • More Guide
  • Study Questions
  • A Reader Response
  • Another Reader Response
  • Discussion of Some Themes in Catcher
  • Photographic Companion
  • Praise and Criticism
  • CITR Book Covers
  • Catcher Vocab Sheet (all chapters)
  • Think about the novel in different ways...
  • Catcher Webquest
  • Bildungsroman Worksheet
  • Is Holden Mentally Ill?
  • Catcher Females Worksheet
  • Final Project Explication Samples
  • CIR Final Project Rubric
  • CIR Dialogue Exercise: Sally and Carl
  • Holden's Psychological Profile Worksheet
  • Comin' Thro the Rye
  • Final Project Paragraph Samples

    Lord of the Flies Stuff

  • Lost Episodes
  • How is it like LOF? Current Events Log
  • LOF Vocab for Novel
  • LOF Group Work: Symbols Chapters 1-2
  • LOF Log Project
  • Drawing Characterization
  • Close Reading Passage
  • LOF Critical Lens Assignment
  • Sample LOF Critical Lens Start of an Outline
  • The author: William Golding
  • Golding Biography
  • Some Informational Links
  • Lord of the Flies Info
  • Vocabulary
  • Study Guide
  • Simpsons' Lord of the Flies Worksheet
  • The Movie (1961)
  • The Movie (1990)
  • Meanings and Symbols
  • The Rules Are All We've Got Worksheet
  • The Stanford Prison Experiment
  • Zimbardo on the Psychology of Evil
  • Stanford Prison Experiment & Original Footage
  • Psychology is Nuts
  • Evil Comes from Hierarchy
  • Stanford Prison Experiment & Today
  • Milgram Experiment
  • Brain and Hierarchy (NPR)
  • Muzafer Sherif's The Robbers Cave Experiment
  • The Lord of the Flies is Still a Blueprint for Savagery
  • ABC Milgrim Remake
  • ,a href="">Lawsuit Over Drowning Joins a Tide to Chinese Courts
  • Coach Says He Knew of NO Hazing
  • Lord of the Flies Savages; Gang of Children Tortured Teenager

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