Writing for the 21st Century

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    "Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."

    Ms. G's Handouts and Useful Links

  • Welcome! Course Description
  • Pre-Course Reflection Survey & Assignment
  • Notebook Rubric

    Basic Stuff (Intro)

  • I Am Omnipotent!
  • Pay attention Journal Requirements
  • Four Day Clipfile Assignment
  • Alien Fix Problem Worksheet
  • One Big Mac, Hold the Box!
  • Activist Notebook
  • Notebook Rubric
  • Portfolio Requirements
  • Final Project Guidelines #1
  • Post-Course Reflection

    Children's Book Stuff

  • Children's Book Assignment
  • Children's Book Rubric
  • Analyze Children's Books
  • Create Children's Book Main Character
  • Analyze Children's Books

    Letters to the Editor Stuff

  • Tips on Writing Letters to the Editor

    Op-Ed or Argument Essay Stuff

  • Structure of an Editorial
  • The Opinion Piece for My Cause
  • Peer Edit the Op-Ed

    Outside Reading Stuff

  • Outside Reading Assignment
  • How to Write a Book Review
  • Book Review Rubric
  • Business Letter Sample

    Writing a Play Stuff

  • Pre-Writing Using Dramatic Pro for My Play
  • Play Format
  • Elements of a Scene
  • Common Errors in Play Writing
  • Play Rubric

    PowerPoint Stuff

  • See Power Point Rubric
  • Cause PowerPoint Assignment
  • PowerPoint Rubric
  • How to Cite Stuff
  • Citing Stuff Simplified

    Propaganda & Ads Stuff

  • Propaganda Devices
  • The Propaganda Assignment

    Proposal Stuff (Intro)

  • Preliminary Proposal Research Assignment
  • About Me and My Cause Assignment
  • Guide to Writing the Proposal
  • Proposal Sample
  • Peer Edit Project Proposal
  • Rubric for the Proposal

    Research Stuff

  • Research Paper Requirements
  • Define 5 Subtopics Assignment
  • Pre-Research Assignment
  • Evaluating Web Sites Worksheet
  • Research Paper Assignment
  • Research Paper Assignment: The Nuts and Bolts
  • Five Subtopics Task
  • Index Card Sample
  • Outline Skeleton
  • "A Statment on Plagiarism"
  • MLA Rules for Citing
  • Citing in the Research Paper Made Simple
  • How to Cite Within Your Research
  • Citing Sample
  • Peer Edit for the Cause Research Paper
  • Research Paper Rubric
  • Index Card Format
  • How to Make a Survey
  • How to Make an Excel Chart

    The Stranger Stuff

  • Reader's Theater
  • Philosophy Presentation Topics and Assignment
  • Script Tips
  • Albert Camus Web Quest
  • Group Work (chapters 1-3)
  • The Stranger Group Work Chapter 1
  • Camus' Philosophy Worksheet
  • Killing an Arab Song Lyrics
  • Stranger Group Work PArt II: 1-2
  • Myth of Sisyphus
  • Literary Circles Roles
  • Meursault Character Chart
  • The Stranger Mock Trial Roles
  • The Misunderstanding
  • The Stranger and The Misunderstanding Essay Assignment
  • Literary Analysis for The Stranger and Misunderstanding
  • Outline for The Stranger & The Misunderstanding
  • Peer Editing for The Stranger/The Misunderstanding Essay
  • Rubric for Literary Analysis

    Tackling the Issues Stuff

  • Tackling the Issue: TV Influence and Violence Worksheet

    Web Site Stuff

  • Cause Website
  • How to Post Your Work Online
  • Rating Sheet for Web Site
  • Website Rubric
  • Basic HTML Stuff
  • Basic HTML Tutorial
  • Website Rubric
  • Collage Assignment
  • HTML Tutorial
  • Internet Research Quiz
  • Go to Geocities
  • Flaming Text
  • An HTML Tutorial
  • Color Codes
  • Cool Retro Clipart
  • Dave's HTML Resource Center (backgrounds, graphics, buttons, etc.)
  • School Clip Art
  • Smileys
  • Good Clipart
  • Holiday Clipart
  • Discovery School Clip Art
  • Animated Clips
  • Style Sheet
  • Icon Bazaar
  • Clip art Searcher
  • Free Clipart
  • HTML Goodies (make your pages really cool)
  • DHTML Codes (like funky cursors)
  • HTML Help
  • Free Music For web Pages
  • Photo Clipart
  • Greek Backgrounds
  • Awesome Backgrounds
  • Photo and Image Search Engine
  • Buttons and Banners
  • Mediabuilder (animated text, etc.)
  • Clipart Gallery
  • Intro to Javascript

    Writing Stuff

  • Some Writing Tips
  • A Paragraph is a Sandwich

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