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The PowerPoint Presentation Assignment

You've completed the research, written an opinion piece, and composed a heart-wrenching play.  You searched the Internet and databases. You read the books. You made sense of a lot of facts and wrote a concise research paper. Now, you have the opportunity to educate dazzle your classmates.

YOUR TASK: Create a presentation using PowerPoint that will serve as a tool for a brief speech you will make about your topic. Your job is to educate the class on the important aspects of your cause. You will have three class periods to complete this.

GUIDELINES: Your research paper is the basis for the presentation, but by no means should you simply cut and paste your paper into your presentation. This would be B-O-R-I-N-G! Remember that people don't want to read your paper on the screen, nor do they want to hear you read it to them. Your presentation is to serve as an aid. This means that your slides should be visually compelling and offer bulleted ideas and brief quotes.

Your presentation should contain all of the following elements: