About me:

Write a one page, single spaced bio of yourself IN REGARDS TO THE CAUSE. This should be an expansion of the ideas you presented in the Motivation section of your Proposal, though avoid being reduntant. In other words, indicate the stuff that makes a real life human being here and why you are dedicated to your cause.

Please be sure to use properly constructed paragraphs. If you don't know what that is, ask!

If you are having trouble writing a paragraph like this, see the "30 Under 30" article you were given in class. Each of those blurbs, though written in third person and you will write yours in first person, describes the basics. You should focus on the elements that attracted to your cause. Really jump into the personal aspects.

Please type this and hand in a hard copy. Make sure you have the electronic version with you to post on your website. Have it on MS Word!