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There are different ways to weave information you learn into your writing. The methods have been illustrated in this essay (which was adapted from an Internet sample), but the names have been changed for your amusement. The methods of citing have been underlined. Also note the Works Cited section.


The Backstreet Boys: A Popular Rock Band
by Manny Aguirre, freshman



Rock bands are as popular today as they were in the 1950’s, when rock ‘n’ roll was born. The fans get wild when they see their favorite group. The girls scream and faint at concerts and record sales explode. The decade of the 90’s has produced many popular bands. One band in particular is The Backstreet Boys. The group is made up of five young men: Kevin, Brian, Howie, A. J., and, the youngest, Nick. The listeners range in age, but the largest group is teenagers (Backstreet Boys' Fan Site). The Backstreet Boys are popular primarily because of their image, but they also have the ability to manipulate the media successfully and to write engaging lyrics to upbeat music.

The Backstreet Boys have created a nice image for their young fans to follow. One example is the way they look. Their fashionable clothes are cool and up-to-date. Teenagers relate to their baggy jeans, oversized shirts, and top-of-the- line shoes. A. J. and Howie have goatee beards and all of them have short, sometimes colored and spiked, haircuts. According to Jesse Segall, spokesperson for Seventeen Magazine, young fans feel they "can relate to these guys because their appearance is interesting and attractive to them" (23). The Backstreet Boys are also polite during interviews. They all thank God and their families for their success and talents. They participate in charity events, and they avoid setting bad examples for young people to follow, such as promoting alcohol and tobacco products.

The media and the managers for the group play a huge role in the promotion of The Backstreet Boys. For instance, the group is on many covers of Teen, J-14, Teen-Idol, and other magazines. They release information about their personal lives, their favorite foods, their concert dates, and any other pertinent information they can find on a regular basis. These magazines offer photographs and posters of each member of the band. This type of publicity keeps the fans excited and wanting more (Segall 45). The television is another source of media for bands. Stations like MTV and VH1 play their music videos and invite them into the studio for interviews. This action helps promote the songs and albums they produce; meanwhile, the band becomes even more popular. Record production is not an easy task. In fact, many bands never make it despite their efforts:

Records begin far before they are fabricated in factories. Before the music can happen, an idea must be born. Musicians gather and discuss the concept. Then, more musicians and a producer are consulted and practice begins. It isn't until the producer has approved recording that it begins. Recording time is very expensive, so bands should be finessed at this stage as to cut down on cost. (Brewster)


On a last note, the lyrics and music The Backstreet Boys create is a definite reason they are popular. Their music attracts all ages. They sing slow love songs that will touch a couple’s hearts. For example, “Anywhere for You” is written about a person ready to make sacrifices for the one they love. The chorus is straight forward and touching:

I’d go anywhere for you.   
Anywhere you asked me to.
I’d do anything for you.
Anything you want me to.
Your love as far as I can see.
Is all I’m ever gonna need.
There’s one thing for sure.
I know it’s true.
Baby, I’d go anywhere for you.

On the other hand, songs like “Everybody (Backstreets Back)” and “Larger than Life” are more upbeat. They make a person feel good and want to dance. This type of music is versatile. Disc jockeys play it on easy listening, light rock, and top-40 radio stations; and radio promotion also helps a group become popular.

There are several reasons why The Backstreet Boys have become popular. The manipulation of the media and the wonderful lyrics and music play a large role, but the most important issue is their image. Young people have enough negative distractions in their lives. Peers, advertisements, music, and television programs and commercials all play a part. Therefore, it is nice to find a group that does not participate in a negative image.



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