Ms. Gokturk

Homework #1: Oh Goody!

My Very First Homework Assignment!

Welcome back! Itís back to school and we are ready to begin the semester with a homework assignment. By next class period, please make sure that you have completed the following tasks.

TASK #1: Secure yourself a notebook for English class. Because I distribute a heavy number of handouts, you must have a loose leaf binder for filing things. A folder is OK, but will probably not be as sufficient or as organized as a binder.

TASK #2: You have been given a black and white marble composition notebook. We will use it throughout the semester for many types of activities and note-taking. [See the notebook rubric.]

Right now, everyone in the class possesses a journal that looks identical to the next studentís. Blah! Your job is to create a collage on the cover (front and back) that REPRESENTS you. Not only are you creating a cover that you will carry around with you all semester, but we will scan your cover and use it the primary graphic for your online portfolio you will create later in the term. Therefore, you want to make this good! [Check out some of last semesterís collages at on the Cyber Scholars Page.]

For your collage, you may use magazine photos, words, paint, stickers, crayons, glue, fabric, Barbie clothes, string, or whatever you want. However, your collage must follow these guidelines:

Please have this completed for the next class. You will be asked to very briefly describe (orally) what you did. In other words, you share yourself with the rest of the class. 1