Ms. Gokturk

Writing for the 21st Century


Creating A Story Using Dramatica Pro


YOUR TASK: Write a one act play that addresses an aspect of your cause. Your play should have at least two characters and no more than five. You should evoke empathy for your main character, who is most negatively affected by the problem you cause proposes.


TODAY: Pad out your story and think through the details. Write out answers to the questions posed in Dramatica Pro, a software that will guide you through the story construction process. Just to give you an idea of what you will be doing, you will answer the 60 questions in Level 1 as a guide to the nature of your story.  The questions will be specific about your characters, your story, and your goal. Take the time to THINK about each question. You may also go back and change responses.


Please begin answering the 60 pre-writing questions. You will have two class periods to complete this task, so please plan your off-time accordingly if you will need more time.