It’s Not Garbage! I Saw it on the Internet!

Well, We’ll See About That…

There is a lot of "stuff" out there on the Internet, and not all of it is good. On a separate sheet of paper (you may hand write or type this assignment), please use the following web sites to answer the following. You must evaluate TWO of the four sites (50 points each).


Use the following as a "Critical Evaluation of a Website" to evaluate EACH of the four sites listed above. Each is worth 25 points. This assignment will count as a quiz grade.

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  1. URL of Web page you are evaluating : http://
  2. Name of the Web page you are evaluating :

Technical and Visual Aspects of the Web Page

3. Do the pictures add to the page? How or Why?

4. Is the spelling correct on the page? What does this tell you?

5. Are there headings and subheadings on the page? If so, are they helpful?

6. Is the page signed by the author? (Why is this important?)

7. Is the author's e-mail address included? (Why is this important?)

8. Is there a date of last update? If so, is the date current? Why is this important?


9. Is the title of the page indicative of the content?

10. Is the information useful for valid research? Explain.

11. Would it have been easier to get the information somewhere else? Where? Why?

12. Would information somewhere else have been different? If so, why?

13. Did the information lead you to other sources that were useful?

14. Is a bibliography of print sources included?

15. Is the information current?

16. Does up-to-date information matter for your purpose?

17. Does the information appear biased?

18. Does the information contradict something you found somewhere else?


19. Who created the page?

20. What organization is the person affiliated with?

21. Has the site been reviewed by an online reviewing agency?

22. Does the domain (i.e. edu, com, gov) of the page influence your evaluation of the site? WHY?

23. Are you positive that the information is true?

24. What can you do to prove that it is true?

Are you satisfied that the information is useful for research? If not, what can you do next?


Narrative Evaluation

25. (Brief paragraph) Looking at all of the data you have collected above while evaluating the site, explain why or why not this site is (or is not) valid for your purpose. Include the aspects of technical content, authenticity, authority, bias, and subject content.


Please make sure that you have evaluated TWO of the sites listed.





The purpose of this lesson was to help you evaluate cites for your research. Keep these questions in mind as you continue to research for your cause.

Now go to for searching strategies. Begin looking for more VALID sites for your cause. Find at least two more decent sites with useful help or background information and write them in your notebook with a brief explanation. is a great place to start. Put your search in quotes for better results.