Peer Editing for the Cause Editorial or Op-Ed

To the Editor(s): Please write your name in the table. Please consider what kind of feedback you would like to receive and try to offer the same quality of feedback to your classmates. Follow the steps carefully, providing attention to detail to help the writer. Don’t limit yourself to this box: feel free to write in the body of the essay! Read the work slowly, putting checks by the more effective parts of it and putting question marks by the parts that are unclear to you.  Circle any spelling or capitalization errors, and note any other mechanical problems by underlining or circling.



Editor Name


General Reaction -- Read your classmate's piece quickly to understand its ideas. Write a few sentences addressing your first impressions about it. Is it well organized? Has it fulfilled the assignment of presenting a point of view on an aspect of the student’s cause? Other impressions?


Does the introduction briefly explain the problem and offer a simple solution? [A “should” statement?]Or, is it a praise piece that clearly commends someone’s actions in the cause’s area? Please summarize each here to show your understanding of the piece’s purpose.



Please comment on the following:


Organization (Has the author presented information in a logical manner, ending with the strongest point?)=


Elements of Persuasion (are touched or moved to recognize or do something?) =


Grammar, Mechanics, Usage =



Who is the audience: Has the author maintained focus?



Suggestions: Offer the writer at least two specific suggestions that might help him or her to improve the opinion piece.

Think of questions you had while reading: did it make sense? Were you able to follow along? These may be questions that your classmate will want to answer in the next draft.