Writing for the 21st Century

Ms. Gokturk

Non-Fiction Independent Reading Assignment

As part of the requirement for this course, you will complete a non-fiction outside reading related to your topic. Our school library has many selections available, though you are welcome to peruse bookshelves in other libraries or bookstores. Please have all selections approved by Ms. G before commencing the project. Once she has seen the book and approved it, send write a letter briefly telling her what it was about the book that appealed to you. This "letter" need only be a paragraph long. In it, tell her why you chose this book. This "letter" acts as a contract that indicates what you intend to read. This entire unit is worth two and half project grades (250 points).


DUE ___________


Reader Response Journal Due on this date also.

Please see the guidelines on the reverse side for how to keep this reader response log. (80 points).

Conference with the teacher. This will be a book talk with Ms. G about your book during class time beginning with the date completed reading is due. (30 pts)

DUE ___________

DUE ___________

DUE ____________



TOTAL: 250 Points


Outside Reading: The Reader Response Log

As part of your outside reading, you are responsible to keep a read response log.

Why do I have to do this?

As a student of writing, your job is to observe what works and doesnít work in the narrative. Also, this demonstrates active reading.

How much is this worth?

This will be worth 80 points of the total project grade.

Where should I keep this reader response log?

Use your notebook for class, but create a section in the back of the notebook. The easiest way to do this (since you donít know how many pages you will need) is to flip the book the upside down and work backwards. If you prefer, you may also keep a separate log in a different notebook. However, the log must be handwritten, please.

What do I need to write?

For each chapter, you should have a two part entry. One part is the summary, the other the reader response. Roughly, one page for each chapter should be completed.

You should write a summary (roughly a paragraph) that covers the chapterís content. This allows you to later have an easy reference, and it allows Ms. G to know what you were reading [believe it or not, she hasnít read every book!].

Then, designate a reader response section. In this part, comment on the emotions you felt, the authorís use of language, how the chapter enlightens you or not about your topic, questions you would like to have answered that are related, etc. Ė basically, anything that you note about the writing and topic, good, bad, or indifferent. Consider your cause and how you are feeling about itÖ