Peer Editing for the Research Paper

To the Writer: Attach this sheet to the front of your essay. Have two other students read your research paper. Once they have made comments, revise your paper. You will submit a final draft attached to this rough draft and the peer editor comments.

To the Editor(s): Please write your name in the table. Please consider what kind of feedback you would like to receive and try to offer the same quality of feedback to your classmates. Follow the steps carefully, providing attention to detail to help the writer. Don’t limit yourself to this box: feel free to write in the body of the essay!



Editor  Name

General Reaction -- Read your classmate's piece quickly to understand its ideas. Write a few sentences addressing your first impressions about it.


Do you learn information? If so, what? (summarize briefly)

Is the paper interesting?

Is the paper well-written?

Is the paper (besides the conclusion) strictly based on fact on not the author’s opinion?



Introduction – Does the introductory section clearly define the topic and provide appropriate background and/or statistical information?



Sequence – Does the paper introduce topics in a logical order? If not, suggest what might be changed.



Conclusion - Does the conclusion provide brief personal input that calls for action to the cause?



How can the paper  be more effective?


What could be added to make it clearer?


What information do you still need to know or that need clarifying? In other words, what questions do you still have?



Which parts of the paper detract from the purpose?  In other words, what is unnecessary? (What can be omitted?)




Citations: Has ALL information been credited to a source? If not, please indicate areas that are obviously researched information in need of citation attention.


Has the author quoted and paraphrased others’ opinions and facts?

Have the citations been formulated correctly?

(AuthorLastName Pg#): (Russo 14) Please correct them in the body of paper.


Suggestions: Offer the writer at least two specific suggestions that might help him or her to improve the paper. Think of questions you had while reading: did it make sense? Were you able to follow along? These may be questions that your classmate will want to answer in the next draft. Were there parts you wanted to know more about?