Ms. Gokturk

Writing for the 21st Century


Writing a Script for Your Presentation


YOUR MISSION: Create an educational presentation for the rest of the class that introduces your topic and provides us with background to Albert Camus’ novel, The Stranger. If you are having trouble narrowing down your topic, remember key words; existentialism, Albert Camus, The Stranger.


No matter what method you decide to use for your presentation, you should prepare a script that you can use. Remember, you can be creative!


Method 1:

Use only material in the sources you have chosen. Your script consists of the words the authors have chosen; you simply devise ways to present them. To present a narrative passage, you use only the words in that passage; for dialogue, use only what is on the page; for an informative piece, use only the nonfiction passage. Basically this reorganizes the material/facts for us.


Method 2:

Use the written material, whether fiction or nonfiction, as the base for your presentation. This serves as the foundation. You may then look up additional information and interweave it, or you may create original, imaginative material to enhance it.


Some Options for Presenting Material:

Combine elements of Method 1 & 2

Create an interview with the philosopher

Write a skit that illustrates the major ideas

Write a rap/poem/song with Camus/philosopher quotes

Dialogue between philosophers or fictional characters

Dialogue between student and philosopher



Enhancing the Presentation:

PowerPoint à for images and clarification. (Rely on your script to tell most of your information. Keep information neat and clear and simple on the presentation.)


Poster Board





Script Format:


Speaker 1: I hope I do well on this presentation.

(Begin Powerpoint and show image of A+ grade.)


Speaker 2: we should as long as we cover the basics and take this complex information and make it easy to understand!


Speaker 1: All we need to remember is that we want to understand what existentialism is and provide some background for the class.


(Begin music CD with track 1, {“Ode to Joy”)


Speaker 3: I love this!



  • Introduce the basics in terms that your classmates will understand.
  • Use examples to clarify points. This is difficult material. Make it easy to grasp.
  • Provide a ONE PAGE handout for each member of the class. This should provide a basic definition/outline of your topic.
  • Presentation should be informative and engaging.
  • Provide a Bibliography using MLA style.



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