Ms. Gokturk

Writing for the 21st Century

Completing the Course Requirements: The Cause Web Page

Way back when, we began webpages. The final part of the course is completing the PR aspect, that is, a webpage that people might stumble upon and consequently be forced to rethink their perspective or gain knowledge.

The following items should be on your web site or in your portfolio

  1. On the INDEX.HTML Page:
  1. The "About Me" [see assignment at Pre-course reflection (assign1.html)
  2. Research Paper for the Cause (assign2.html)
  3. The Opinion Piece (assign3.html)
  4. Letter to Author (assign4.html)
  5. Three Ads/Propaganda (assign5.html)
  6. The Children’s Book TEXT ONLY [you can scan some images for graphics] (assign6.html)
  7. PowerPoint [optional ] (assign7.html)
  8. Post-Course Reflection (assign8.html)]

Each piece of writing should have decorative backgrounds or color. Also, find appropriate graphics for each piece.

How to Post Work Online

  1. Open your document in MS Word.
  2. Go to the File Menu
  3. Go to Save As
  4. Where it says File Type, scroll to HTM or HTML document. Choose this option. [On some computers, you might have the option for "Web Page" instead. Choose this.]
  5. Save.
  6. Close everything, all boxes. Everything. Really.
  7. Open your folder (My Documents or your U drive or wherever you saved it: disk, etc.)
  8. Find the HTML version (it won’t show up unless you have closed all the boxes and reopened. You can also refresh)
  9. Open the HTML version. [It will have an "E" or Netscape Navigator icon.]
  10. Go to View Menu.
  11. Go to Page Source.
  12. Highlight all the gobbledy-gook Copy.
  13. Close all these windows.
  14. Go to your file manager.
  15. Open the page that you want to put this work on (i.e., project1.html, project2.html, etc.) [***If you are missing these pages, hit NEW. Name the page _______.html (it can be whatever you want to name it, but remember that it will have to match exactly what you put on your index.html page.). All singled spaced, all lower case.]
  16. Paste in blank page.
  17. Save.
  18. Open your index.html page.
  19. Go to your portfolio section.
  20. Find where you wrote all your project links. It should look like: : <li><a href="assign1.html">Project #1: INSERT TITLE OF ESSAY </a>
  21. Insert the name of the project. For example, Project #1: Pre-Course Reflection, Project #2: Personal Narrative, etc., [see above]
  22. Save.
  23. View index.html page and check the link. Does it work? If not, go back and follow steps again.