Posting Work Online

1.       Open your document in MS Word.

2.       Go to the File Menu

3.       Go to Save As

4.       Where it says File Type, scroll to Save As Webpage or Save as HTM or HTML document. Choose this option.

5.       Save.

6.       Close everything, all boxes.

7.       Open your folder (My Documents or your U drive or wherever you saved it)

8.       Find the HTML version (it won’t show up unless you have closed all the boxes and reopened. You can also refresh)

9.       Open the HTML version.

10.   Go to View Menu.

11.   Go to Page Source.

12.   Highlight all the gobbledy-gook HTML on the page (from HTML to /HTML)

13.   Copy.

14.   Close all these windows.

15.   Go to your file manager.

16.   Hit New button. Delete EVERYTHING IN PAGE.

17.   Name the page _______.html (it can be whatever you want to name it, but remember that it will have to match exactly what you put on your index.html page.). All singled spaced, all lower case.

18.   Paste the HTML junk onto this blank page.

19.   Save.

20.   Open your index.html page.

21.   Go to your portfolio section.

22.   Find where you wrote all your other links and add the new link: <li><a href="____.html">Name of your Document Goes Here</a>

23.   Check your work: does it match step #17? The link and the webpage name must match.

24.   Save.

25.   View index.html page and check the link. Does it work? If not, go back and follow steps again.