Ms. Gokturk

Writing for the 21st Century


Pre-Course Reflection


Please answer the following:


1. Would you speak up if you saw someone getting bullied in the hall? 

                        Yes      No       It  Depends Explain________________________________________________________________


2. Do you recycle?       Yes      No       Sometimes

Explain why. ____________________________________________________________


3. Americans who do nothing to help troubled nations contribute to terrorism.    True     False


4. Would you sign a petition for something you felt was important? Yes No


5. Would you write a petition and get signatures for something you felt was important?

                        Yes                  No


6. I care about the world.          Yes      No


7. I would go on a march to protest something I felt was unjust.             Yes      No


8. My opinion doesn’t really matter to anyone besides my friends.          True     False


9. The seating in the cafeteria doesn’t matter.     True    False


10. The future is not in jeopardy. Everything is fine.                    True     False


11. Poverty leads to crime.       True     False


12. It matters who is elected to the presidency. True     False


13. Race is not a problem in Port Washington. True     False


Now reflect on your statements and responses. Are you apathetic or passionate or somewhere in between? Do you believe that you can make a difference on the woes of the world? Do you feel any responsibility towards what the future will be?


YOUR TASK (10 points):

Please write a one page, single spaced composition that describes how you see yourself in terms of your impact and voice in the world today. Address the items discussed on this page and/or add your own insight into the topic.