Peer Editing for The Stranger/The Misunderstanding Essay

To the Editor(s): Please write your name in the table. Please consider what kind of feedback you would like to receive and try to offer the same quality of feedback to your classmates. Follow the steps carefully, providing attention to detail to help the writer. Don’t limit yourself to this box: feel free to write in the body of the essay! Use the editor marks.


Editor  Name


General Reaction -- Read your classmate's piece quickly to understand its ideas. Write a few sentences addressing your first impressions about it.

Is it well organized?

Do you learn from this analysis of the two works? If so, what?

If not, what makes the analysis too obvious?



Thesis & Thesis Development

What is the thesis of this paper?


Has the author maintained a clear focus with each body paragraph in supporting it? Please explain here how the author succeeded or failed in this task. Offer suggestions or point out where the development could be clearer or might need more information.



Text Based Evidence

Within each paragraph, examine closely how the writer has supported the thesis. Remember that each paragraph should have 3 different assertions + each w/ specific evidence from the text + an explanation of the evidence in relation to the assertion/thesis.

For each example, is a general assertion made?

Has the author provided direct quotes to back their assertions?

Has each quote been explained? Are there any dangling, orphaned quotes? Please address consistent problems here; fix on the rough draft itself.


Citations: Has information been credited to a source? If not, please indicate areas that are obviously researched information in need of citation attention. Has the citation been formulated correctly?

š         Meaursault says, "La la lala al" (39).

š         FIVE (5) lines or longer have been indented, single spaced with no quotation marks unless dialogue. (14)

Please indicate here chronic problems and correct in body of paper.


Analysis of Literary Elements

How has the author made use of analyzing literary elements?


The essay should absolutely incorporate the ideas of existentialism in the development. This is was Camus’ purpose: life is absurd/meaningless, there is no God but rather chance, & we are responsible for our own actions and choices.


Theme, Characterization, Point-of-View, Structure, Imagery, Symbolism, Setting, etc.

List here the literary elements discussed/analyzed in the paper:



Which parts of the paper detract from the purpose?  In other words, what is unnecessary? (What can be omitted?)

How can the paper be more effective? What could be added to make it clearer? Do ideas flow into one another smoothly?




Is the paper interesting? Why or why not?

What works best and what doesn’t?

Offer the writer at least two specific suggestions that might help him or her to improve the essay. Think of questions you had while reading: did it make sense? Were you able to follow along? Did you learn how the works are related to the elements of existentialism?