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Ms. Gokturk

Writing for the 21st Century


Tackling the Issue:

“Do Violent TV Programs and Movies Influence Our Behavior?”


If a law were enacted banning shows that were rated as too violent and you were a member of the rating panel, how would rate the following scenes according to the rating scale? Please explain how/why you rated each in your notebook.


A = Acceptable for viewing (anticipate the opposing argument and defend)

P= Possible acceptable for viewing in certain contexts (explain  the context—as in, when is it OK?)

U = Unacceptable for viewing at all times


a. A domestic fight in which a husband repeatedly strikes his wife to the point of unconsciousness.


b. A group of teenage students persuade younger students to assist in defacing a school building.


c. A police officer shoots and kills a fleeing offender.


d. A gang rape.


e. A scene where three people continuously make fun of each other and hit and slap each other.


f. A scene where teens purposely hurt themselves.


g. A live scene depicting a fire in which real people are dying.


h. Several planes crash into landmarks and kill thousands of people.


i. People are depicted being slaughtered and tortured by soldiers.


j. One character is attacked repeatedly by a group.